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Deep Pore Cleanse and Peel All I can is WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I had the Deep Pore Cleanse with Peel and I LOVED every minute of it!!! ^_^ From the moment I walked in, and saw her tools and her beautifully tidy station, I knew I was going to enjoy it and feel comfortable. The conversation was effortless and she really knows how to make a client feel great! She complimented me on my eyelashes and my hair :-) What I loved is how she gave me info on EVERYTHING she was putting on my face. and omg, it all smelled so gosh-darn good!!! It felt GREAT on my skin, like she was breathing life back into it lol. She even did a lip exfoliation (which she absolutely didn't have to!), just as an extra bonus. The results on the peel were what impressed me....I could see a noticeable "glow" and lovely supple touch to my skin. She really revived it!! When I got home, even my sister noticed the that says A LOT. Even when applied sunblock on my face, she applied it on as if we were still doing the cleanse/facial haha she covered every area on my face and neck...who knew applying sunblock could feel so darn relaxing? haha. And the arm/neck massage? OH, HEAVENLY! Beyond relaxing and just amazing!! I can't wait to go back to Gigi. She is experienced, talented and amazing at what she does. Enough said!
Gigi is the best! I have never had a better facial than what gugi offers and I get them twice a year. Her technique and products used are simply the best! Trust me, im picky so believe it...
Anya Z
Amazing! Gigi does amazing job with my skin! It's a combination type - very tricky to manage, because of my busy, stressful schedule. Relaxing appointments at NoHo Facials are a must for me. Gigi is very creative - she always looks for the new, better way. Her quality of products and customer service are superb!